The Secret to Finding God in Your 7 Life Seasonsby Howard Rachinski
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Howard masterfully articulates the “what” of each life season and helps the reader understand the “why” for each emphasis. In this book, he equips the reader with life-tools that will enable growth and wellness in and through each Life Season. He states, “Seeing the beautiful order of seasons in life turned my chaos into clarity…You can’t go around what God wants you to go through.”

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Praise for PERPETUAL

PERPETUAL is a must read for any of us searching to understand life’s journey and our deeper relationship with God…I highly recommend this book.

- Eddie DeGarmo, Artist, Author, Gospel Music Hall of Fame Inductee

PERPETUAL is a profound road map revealing how to process enigmatic pain and seemingly pointless suffering while simultaneously uncovering life’s priceless value. A truly transforming read!

- Francis Anfuso, Author and Pastor

You will find so much rich and practical wisdom to apply to your life and to empower you through even the most chal­lenging and stretching times…this book will be a great gift to your life as you read it with an open heart. You will finish this book much differently than you began it.

- Mark & Darlene Zschech Senior Pastors, Worship Leader, Artist/Songwriter

You will not want to scan this book. It grabs you by the heart and the healing begins. It has been a great workbook for me personally. This is a must-read for every pastor, every leader, every person!

- Sandra Crouch, Pastor, Artist, Grammy Award Winner

This book is a textbook for life...a book to be underlined, highlighted, and kept on nightstands, work surfaces, and in briefcases as a continuing reference for life’s challenges.

- Glen Roachelle, Pastor, Author

PERPETUAL is the best book I have ever read that takes on all of the “Whys” in life’s journey and makes sense of them…

- Geoff Lorenz, Chairman, Lorenz Corporation, Past-President, CMPA

From the moment my eyes engaged the opening words until the last closing charge, I found myself fully immersed in Howard's riveting stories, life-changing truths and personal application. I would highly recommend this book for everyone regardless of where they are on life’s journey.

- Marc Estes, Lead Pastor – Mannahouse

Howard Rachinski has dug into his rich history of ministry, business and family life to help the reader process the seasons of life. But, more than that, they will better understand their purpose in God’s plan. I found this book personally encouraging and I do highly recommend it.

- Steve McPherson, CEO - Hillsong Music Publishing

Have you ever asked yourself...

“What is the point of my life?”

Through the maze of crises, chaos, elation, and confusion, there is a mystical life-purpose strand that everyone wants to believe in and hold on to. Everyone frantically searches for logic out of the illogical and everyone desperately clings to any fashion of sanity in and through those unexplainable life moments. Everyone.

Howard Rachinski encountered and experienced those same life moments. His accomplishments didn’t immunize him from the pain of tragedy, nor did his faith exempt him from the torment of anguish. Instead, Howard discovered the rhythm of life-purpose. And, he identified 7 Life Seasons that encompass everyone’s entire life journey. The 4 “Calling” Seasons – Preparation, Productivity, Transition, and Impartation – are when God cultivates our mission (our vocation, our sense of life-purpose). The 3 “Character” Seasons – Despair, Famine, and Refreshing – are when God works on our internal nature (including our integrity, honor, moral fiber, discipline, ethics).

PERPETUAL interweaves the heartfelt tapestry of Howard’s personal experience and vulnerability with the foundational assurance of God’s raw and revelatory Truth.

PERPETUAL untangles the hopelessness of despair that suffocates everyone experiencing trauma. You will be enlightened, encouraged, inspired, challenged, and strengthened as you pursue your own personal journey on this side of Eternity.

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Howard talks about his book.

Meet the Author

Howard Rachinski

Howard Rachinski

Howard Rachinski is the Founder of Christian Copyright Licensing International, Inc. (CCLI), and creator of the Church Copyright License, which helps churches comply with the copyright law.

In addition to writing PERPETUAL, Howard has been a songwriter, arranger, record producer, and music sales manager, and is recognized as an experienced seminar leader and contributing editor in music copyright law issues. His experience also extends to the local church arena where he was an associate pastor for seven years, and a music minister for five years in one of the nation’s largest churches, where he directed an 80-voice choir and a 30-piece orchestra.

Howard is also recognized as an enthusiastic conference speaker, and specializes in teaching on worship, music culture and leadership. In 2016, Howard was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame for his outstanding contribution to Christian music.

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